How to join two AD ?

  • Hi,

    Have see some work of ldap add for OMV 4 or 5.
    List of topics read :
    Active Directory / LDAP Revisited
    Join a Windows 2008 R2 domain
    Samba AD/DC integration
    OMV vs Active Directory
    Guide how to Join OpenMediaVault to a Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory Domain without ldap plugin.
    Guide to OMV 4 Active Directory Integration

    But my ask is how to add two ldap servers.

    Exemple :

    1. LDAP =
    2. LDAP =

    Not have same users in LDAP 1 and LDAP 2.
    But need to make a same NAS / Share for LDAP 1 and LDAP 2.
    And no need replication option.

    ---------------------------------------------> LDAP 1
    The schema is NAS > Auth > Ask > Local
    ---------------------------------------------> LDAP 2

    You have any idea how to make that ?

    Best Regards.

  • Have make this :

    # Install Deps

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade -y
    apt-get install adcli sssd sssd-tools realmd krb5-user libpam-sss libnss-sss libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit packagekit libwbclient-sssd -y

    need to edit krb5 :

    # Join LDAP 1

    realm join -U admin --verbose

    # Join LDAP 2

    adcli join -U admin --host-keytab=/etc/krb5.keytab.adtwo.local adtwo.local

    need to edit sssd.conf :

    That work for add two ldap

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