Nginx update?

  • Hello,

    Is there any way to update the default Nginx Common in OMV 4?
    I was trying to but I managed to mess up the system and now I'm reinstalling it... :/

    So, can I update Nginx to the newest version? I'd like to use it as a webserver.

    Best regards,


  • Oh, just another thing:

    I've tried Docker a several times, but after installation there was a 'Docker local network interface' installed. Since then, my PC was struggling with very slow startup and shutdown because of a running job (I don't know which). Also it said 'No network interfaces avaible' but it was connected via Ethernet.

    Do you know, what causes these problems?

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    No. Sorry. I have no idea.

    There are a lot of tutorials online on the topic, some even seem to be about doing it on a OMV NAS. I haven't tried any.

    Search the internet for something like "tutorial webserver docker" and try with and without "omv" in the search terms.

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