Plex Addin - Adding Media - Unable to locate SMB Shares/Media to add

  • Hello,
    I am running OMV4 and I have setup SMB shares, and a union file system with various drives, and I can access them as a mapped drive in windows fine, but I installed add the Plex Addin and got to the point in the screenshot and I am not able to find where the media resides in OMV.
    The File Explorer window comes up , but there is nothing in the Media Folder.
    I know this is based on how I set things up, and I used SMB and created shared folders, and then the union file system to make one drive named TB. so that I can browse to \\nas\tb\

    I want to try out Plex, and even though it errored during it's install, I can still hit the webUI, login, etc.. just cant find Media to add.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    *Edit.. I found online it should be in the srv folder, but it shows up blank.

  • The content of the data drives on your NAS should be in /srv/dev-disk-by-lable....

    Only if the installation is quite old, they could be also in /media/dev-disk-by-UUID...

    You can check the mount point of the filesystems in the GUI of OMV.

  • Macom: Both of those folder show to be blank for me.

    Mine you my setup is with multiple drives setup as 1 big shared drive with union file system. Multiple disks act as one, but either way I cannot locate the disks or the shared union volume

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