How to donate without Paypal?

  • What documents?
    Just add card, verify it by "autopay" $1 and it's done.

    And also when I click donate I see there pay directly with card...

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  • Yes there is such option like pay directly with card, but then you have to set up an account.
    I managed to sent donate.

    I think that donating via paypal is not comfortable, because you have to setting up paypal account.

  • I just registered to add my opinion to this cause.

    I'd seriously want to donate to you on a regular basis, since your Software is in use almost 365 days a year on more than one machine in my personal environment and rock-solid since I've started using it (OMV4).

    But I have no Paypal Account, since I really hate the idea that my personal / financial data is sold to whoever pays enough (which is, what paypal does, essentially).

    The same problem would occur if I try to donate via bank tranfer, because thats also only possible via paypal.

    For this reason (in which I'm sure I'm not alone) I'd really like to be enabled to donate to you via plain, direct bank transfer.

    Please think about it.

    Keep up the great work you're doing! :thumbup:

    PS: Sorry for my english. <- not a native speaker.

  • I would like to donate as well, but not through PayPal, for the reasons omv_user_3741 mentioned.

    Since it is the only choice currently, I tried to set a donation up, but was blocked due to a country/region restriction.

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