Some users cannot access shares allthough access is granted.

  • Hi,

    I have freshly installed OMV5.
    I have created several users and added them to the "sambashare" group.
    I have created sharedfolders and granted access to them to the users.
    In the SMB/CIFS section I have added the shares for sharing over the network (containing Android, Linux and Windows devices)
    Allthough they all can see the list of available shares in the Explorer on the other devices, not all users are able to get access to them when clicking on the shares they should have access to.

    In the log I see the following error:
    smbd_audit: change_to_user_Internal: chdir_current_service() failed.

    (By the way I had the same problem in OMV4 for the last couple of months, before that everything worked fine, but didn't do anything with it yet, since I was waiting for OMV5 to become stable to switch to that.)
    I am sure the users that have this problem use the correct credentials to access the share.

    Can someone help me out, so that all the users can again access the shares that they should have access to.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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