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  • I have an older pc that I have OMV 4 on now. I have to use the noapic boot for this computer to use any distro it seems. So when I try to install OMV 5 I do the normal noapic in front of the quietsplash and the computer just hangs. Any help would be greatful.

  • I have an idea!

    Since it is a new version of the operating system, but the same computer, it might now boot fine if you remove the noapic?

    Alternatively, figure out why noapic helped. And remove some junk hardware?

    This help is Grateful™. :)

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  • It is an old dell dimension e521 amd athlon 64 x2. I did try with and with out using noapic, nolapic, and acpi=off. I get to the install screen then the screen goes blank like it’s going to start the install but just hangs there. The computer is bare bones factory shipped.

  • I had issues with OMV 4.x install due to incompatability between my mobo and vanilla stretch. I needed to do an inplace upgrade from 8 to 9 and install kernel upgrades before reobooting to get around an issue similar to yours. Have a look at the in-place 9 to 10 Debian upgrade guide:…e-notes/ch-upgrading.html

    Take note of section 4.6 that talks about upgrading your kernel.

    (Don't try this on your live build - swap in a blank drive to test out a fresh install Stretch followed by an in-place Buster upgrade with kernel upgrades. Once this is sorted, you can install OMV on a stable OS.)

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