Repeating error in syslog

  • I have the following repeating error in the syslog;

    Device /srv/01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df not found in /etc/mtab
    'mountpoint_srv_01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df' status failed (1) -- mountpoint: /srv/01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df: No such file or directory

    Some time ago a user was having trouble using Syncthing in Docker so I decided to look at his problem by installing Syncthing myself, anyway his problem was solved so I decided to remove the Syncthing Docker, once deleted I then deleted the config folder as I would with any removed Docker.

    Then I started getting emails via monit re the above error, I have so far searched config.xml found nothing in relation to 01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df but under /srv there was an entry, which I have deleted (probably the wrong thing to do).

  • I have found the following in /etc//monit/openmediavault/openmediavault-filesytem.conf

    check filesystem filesystem_srv_01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df with path "/srv/01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df"
    if space usage > 85% for 5 times within 15 cycles
    then alert else if succeeded for 10 cycles then alert
    check program mountpoint_srv_01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df with path "/bin/mountpoint '/srv/01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df'"
    if status != 0 then alert

    if I just comment those two lines out I take it that will stop the monit entries in the syslog.

  • geaves

    Added the Label resolved
  • OMV creates the monit config files for each filesytem that is mounted via the WebUI

    But that is what made no sense, there was no filesystem in the WebUI.

    I started getting notification emails this was the last one

    Status failed Service mountpoint_srv_01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df
    Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 12:12:54
    Action: alert
    Host: homenas
    Description: status failed (1) -- /srv/01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df is not a mountpoint
    Your faithful employee,

    that's when I started investigating, so by Tuesday I had found the above in the first and second post.

    The /srv/01cbe6e8-ee97-49de-a638-ad64d96bd1df was an empty directory, but I also found under /home a folder for the user I had used when testing Syncthing, that folder contained a folder ./config related to Sync!

    Having initially removed the container, the image and the config folder I assumed it was completely removed, I have no idea why the error started appearing, whilst the solution may not point to the root cause it's stopped the monit emails and the syslog is back to normal.

    If I have taken anything from this, it's to backup my boot drive first then proceed and test, or to test in a VM before deploying.

  • There IS a database entry for this filesystem, maybe created by the mentioned plugin. If it is not displayed in the UI then it's a hidden filesystem entry in the database. In that case you need to remove it manually. The better way would be that the plugin purges such data during uninstall.

  • I had completed a search previously for <mntent> found nothing as this was the first place I looked all that is displayed is what is in the GUI and <fsname> returns the same;

    this made no sense to me if the information being sent by email was correct.

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