Need some help, I'm a bit out of my depth

  • I assume this is the source. The drive has the label "TerrorData" and then you have a folder on that drive called "TerrorData". Is that correct?

    Are there any data in that folder?

    Yes, that's right, I named the drive and the folder the same thing. Might that be causing all the problem? There's loads of data on TerrorData, I plugged it in directly into my Elementary machine the other day to use Gparted to remove the space from the name of the disk and I checked that the data was OK - browsed through the folders, played a couple of files. As you can see from the screen grab 1.64TB has been used

  • Oh right. How do I do that then? I haven't seen any way to browse the contents of the drive. I just want to copy it all though, so the entire drive would be good. I take it I've not done that yet?

    Ahh, maybe because the instructions describe how to set up a wiped drive then I've missed a step out that actually shares existing data. Maybe that's why I get empty folders no my Windows laptop and my Elementary pc. And why there was nothing to copy over to the new drive.

  • Plzbro!

    Running a OMV box you become a Sysadmin.

    Many tasks are made easier by the OMV GUI and the basic functionality of OMV as a NAS. If you want to use the friendly GUI and drop and drag you need to do that while your server is running fine. For instance to add a new server and move data from the old to the new, then just install the new server and create shares. Then copy files over using drag and drop from a computer that is connected to both servers.

    But if you want to do stuff that is outside the most basic NAS usage, you need to roll up your sleeves and reach in to the dirty mud that is the command line. And do sysadmin stuff. And possibly learn new stuff.

    The internet is full of tutorials on how to use the command line in Debian and Linux. Even whole video tutorials on sysadmin tasks.

    I hope you don't expect us to write more tutorials on basic command line usage here?

    Also, in the documentation for OMV there is a lot of helpful information.

    Typically you create a user in OMV that is a member of the groups ssh and sudo. Tip: Select the shell "bash", it may work best for a beginner.

    Then you can connect over the network to the OMV box, using ssh (putty), and login as that user.

    (Google: "How do I connect remotely from a windows computer to a linux server using ssh?"

    You can then use the command line to see what is on the server.

    (Google: "How do I use the command line on a linux server?"

    You can install Midnight Commander to make looking around easier.

    (Google: How do I install Midnight Commander on a Debian server?"

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  • OK. I do use Terminal a bit on the Elementary machine. I've got to grips with sudo apt update/upgrade/autoremove, installed nordvpn and can check on that, I'm just about OK with cd, ls, dir, cp, mv, rm. Got major problem with bluetoothctl at the mo, it all seems to have stopped working, no idea why.

    One of the setup videos I watched installed shellinabox (I think) as an update or plugin, that looked like a sort of command line. However, it's not there in the extras or updates now, and I've looked through them all and nothing sounds like it does that job. I suppose I can work directly back on the server. I'll see how I get on :):) Thanks

  • Shellinabox is dead.

    No problem, I'm now exploring Powershell. I've logged onto the server as root@thevault:~#

    I shall go away and get to grips with command line stuff a bit more. I kinds know that root is like an admin level thing and so I need to set up a user (ls, dir etc don't seem to do anything a the mo).

    I suppose I could create a shared folder on one of my wiped drives, plug the old drive back into Elementary and copy the files over from there.

    Edit** I've installed Midnight Commander, that should keep me quiet for a while. :):):)

  • No, I'm not trolling. Simply asking for help. You don't have to participate in this thread if it's annoying you so much. My apologies for not arriving at this forum with all required knowledge already.

  • If you have a question, please, please, please try to google it first or search on the forum to see if it is already answered. And test to see if what you found works OK.

    To ask trivial questions on a forum without even testing, or trying to find answers first, is very rude!

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

  • OK, so I did eventually find the documentation - in the footer of the website where I never thought to look and even when looking through every page. I even googled it and checked all the menu options in OMV itself. But I'm sure I've learnt something valuable about website footers.

    Anyhow, I tried my best with Midnight Commander, but try as I might all I could see in either panel was the files on the OMV drive, I could not figure out how to browse to another drive and so didn't use it to copy anything. My solution in the end was to create a shared folder using OMV then use the Elementary pc to transfer files (I remembered that that power supply came with additional cables that I hadn't used and so plugging in more hard drives was an option). The Elementary pc is a lot newer and faster anyway so was probably the best way to do the copying.

    So, mission accomplished :) I was trying my best, apologies it was a bit annoying. But thanks for all the help, I have certainly learnt a bit about file structures and methods of sharing, and I got there in the end. Thanks

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