Network configuration for DuckDNS and Lets encrypt on OMV5

  • I also have problems with letsencrypt on OMV5. I installed it as decribed in the video of TDL an it worked, but now I get mails to renew the certificate. I thought the docker container would renew the certificate itself. What am I doing wrong?

    Here is the log:

  • [cont-init.d] 60-renew: executing... ,

    The cert does not expire within the next day. Letting the cron script handle the renewal attempts overnight (2:08am).,

    Sounds like you just need to wait.

    You can also have a look here:


  • Unfortunately the cert did not renew within the last days. I also restarted and recreated the docker container. It's expire date is "Aug 14 18:49:35 2020 GMT". What can I do? (A moment ago).

    i normally do a restart of the docker to force check of validation and a new certificate

  • It still does not work.

    Here is my log from the last attempt:

    Can anybody help?

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