SMB shares that were workingfine now ask for password

  • Hi. I was using unraid for a while a system I liked except for a very annoying issue that on *some* of my windows 10 machines it would ask credentials when accessing SMB guest shares, something I never experienced on OMV

    On returning to OMV recently its all be glorious instant access to my guest shares just by clicking them, this is just how I want it in my home environment.

    Well today, OMV has started doing the same. I can see my server there in network when I click it it now asks for credentials.

    In SIFS settings, its guests only and worked fine for days.

    What causes windows to behave like this, is there anything I can do? Sure I can just type in a forward slash into the credentials name field and it proceeds to load the share however mapped drives do not seem to work and programmes such as the search programme 'everything' gets confused because its a guest share but asking for credentials therefore it does not behave properly.

  • Clearly this is just my problem but its got really bad on a mac I cannot access the shares at all, or rather I can but they are emptry when open (which they are not)

    Any hints on what to do here?

  • I realise that this suggestion might not be an obvious one but did you change any of your OMV SMB/ CIFS settings on your server recently? I had problems that were resolved by clearing my browser cache and then changing and saving settings on the server. OMV errors stopped and SMB clients could view files on shares.

  • No, no changes at all my end. The weird thing is I get the most issues on my main pc., but we have a number in the house all running the same windows version some work just fine,

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