Monitoring restart -- Connection failed nginx

  • Last night before midnight I got 10 email alerts from OMV. They were all about the service nginx failing and succeeding.

    Searched around but couldn't find this issue elsewhere.
    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 23:26:00

    Service: nginx

    Event: Connection succeeded

    Description: connection succeeded to []:80 [TCP/IP]

    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 23:25:13

    Service: nginx

    Event: Connection failed

    Description: failed protocol test [HTTP] at []:443 [TCP/IP TLS] -- HTTP: Error receiving data -- Connection timed out


    1. What kind of hardware do you have?
    2. Do you run Nextcloud or Plex on it?

    I may/probably will not be able to help you. Just a hunch. In any case more information may jog someone on the forum.

    Simple and sure backup and restore: In a Scheduled Job: rsync -av --delete /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SOURCE/ /srv/dev-disk-by-label-DESTINATION/ (HT: Getting Started with OMV5)
    Server Software: OMV 5 (current) - My Main Server: Thinkserver TS140, Nextcloud, Plex, Airsonic, Navidrome, Ubooquity, Digikam, & Heimdall - My Backup Machine: NanoPi M4 (v.1), Pi-Hole - Odroid XU4 (Using DietPi) - Testing/Playing: hc2, xu4, Pi 3B+, Odroid H2. Mac user converting to Linux, Debian 10 KDE.

    1. What kind of hardware do you have?
    2. Do you run Nextcloud or Plex on it?

    1. I have a Asus server grade 1U enclosure.

    2. No to Nextcloud, although I'm thinking of deploying it. Yes to Plex, but it's running in a docker container.

    This is continuing to happen about once a week, but at random. Nothing for 2 weeks, then twice within the last 16 hours.
    As with last time the last time time the final messages were 2 emails about the 'Monitoring restart' failing. But when I check the service status service nginx status it shows as up and running. Albeit as of the time of the last 'Monitoring alert -- Connection succeeded' email.

  • This is getting out of control. "151 to 200 of many"...

    I can also rule out Plex being an issue. It wasn't running while the last 100 or so alerts came in.

    Please, any help is hugely appreciated.

  • OS version and NIC hardware/driver version would be interesting to compare

    omv 5.6.9-1 (usul) on RPi4/4GB with Kernel 5.10.17 and WittyPi 3 V2 RTC HAT

    2x 6TB HDD formatted with ext4 in Icy Box IB-RD3662-C31 / hardware supported RAID1

    For Read/Write performance of SMB shares hosted on this hardware see forum here

  • Did you ever resolve this as I also have this problem.

    Unfortunately no

    I never saw this on V4, but I had it occurring on V5, but I might get a few a day, first a fail then a success, as I found this just annoying I turned off Process monitoring in notifications. If this persists then I would suggest opening an issue on github with all the relevant information

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

  • I'm seeing the same issue... doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. Sometimes a week goes by without any emails then I'll get 5 or 6... or occasionally 50!

    I'm turning the alert off and ignoring it!

  • Odd, indeed. I just started having this issue for the first time. Last night after midnight, today around noon and 1:15 p.m., and as it so happens, again just now - nginx monit failure followed by success.

    I'd never seen this before and thought it was maybe a new bug, albeit a harmless one.

  • I've found a similar report on reddit. They recommended running the following to fix it:

    omv-salt deploy run nginx phpfpm

    I ran this command two days ago and the problems have not reappeared since. As I've never been able to reproduce the problem though, and two days are clearly not enough to prove anything, I'll just continue watching and waiting for now...

    EDIT: I encountered the same chain of warnings again, about a week after running the command. So most likely not a solution either...

  • You may have saved me just in time! I had a bloom of emails today (50 in about 4 hours!!!).

    I've run the above command... fingers crossed!!!

    (I'm genuinely excited! Covid lockdown has made excitement a rare and precious gift!)

  • I'm afraid I didn't. Encountered the same warnings again last night, about 40 times, despite running the command above.

    As such...

    - It's NOT the solution. Original post updated.

    - I lost.

    - Advice still appreciate...

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