Replace disk with larger one

  • Hello,

    I'm a bit stuck and I need help, being very new to linux.

    I use openmediavault 4 with unionFS without any raid.

    I wanted to replace a full disk on my NAS with a new, larger one. So I copied the partition from my old disk, to the new one, using the command dd if = / dev / sda1 of = / dev / sdb1

    I removed the old drive on unionFS gui, then removed from the VM and physically from the NAS.

    I added the new disk on the VM and I see it listed in the "storage / disks" menu on OMV but in the "file systems" part I see the old partition.

    The weird point is that the device associated with this "old" partition is indeed my new disk, but the label and the size correspond to the old partition.

    How do I fix this? ;(

    I want to keep the data copied on the new disk.


  • Hello,

    Thank for the answer. Its weird because fdisk tell me the partition was 10tb (size of the new disk) but indeed, gparted tell me something was not right. Thankfully I could repeared the partition with gparted, without losing my data.

    So its ok now, thx again ;)

  • Utsuho

    Added the Label resolved
  • When you use dd to copy a disk, everything about that disk is copied exactly - the disk label, UUID, and the partition layout including size.

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