apt-upgrade fail on rockpro64

  • hello, I'm getting the following error when trying to upgrade via ssh

    sh: 1: cd: can't cd to /var/cache/openmediavault/archives
    E: Problem executing scripts DPkg::Pre-Invoke '. /etc/default/openmediavault; if [ ! -e ${OMV_DPKGARCHIVE_DIR}/Packages ]; then echo Building local package repository ...; cd ${OMV_DPKGARCHIVE_DIR} && apt-ftparchive packages . > Packages && apt-ftparchive release . > Release; fi'
    E: Sub-process returned an error code

    also, I can't access to the web interface, with "cannot connect to the sever" error

    how can I solve those problems?

  • I had the same problem as you.

    Solved it by creating the folders as you did.

    Still couldn't access the webgui.

    The error was: OMV\Exception: Failed to open file (filename=/var/cache/openmediavault/cache.omv\controlpanel\login_js.json, mode=w+)

    Usinf WinSCP I changed the permissions (in the property window of that folder) of that folder like this:


    For me it did the trick.

    Hope it helps too.

    Not sure about the security aspect though, if you allow all user to read/write/delete.

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