OMV SMB Slow speed in read

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    Hi i have my old computer reused for my nas a while ago I have a 1TB WD black on it and it was first in ntfs and i got around 50MB/s in read and 30MB/s write

    Now I fresh installed OMV to 5.3.9-1 and formated this drive to ext 4 but the speed don't feel right

    in read 55MB/s and in write 70MB/s

    Yes there is a big jump in write but read didn't change that much i was expecting gigabit speed because the 2 machines run in direct Ethernet through a good router

    i did test the drive speed with SSH and got around 110MB/s

    I tested Iperf and got 470Mbits, ~55MB/s

    This look strange because it can reach 70MB/s in write so it's a bit strange...

    The network mode is in duplex on both computers

    I thinks it's a network issue but i don't understand how read and iperf get 55MB/s and not write

    can someone help me pls?:|

    Edit: I tested Iperf with an other pc and got also slow bandwidth (150MB/s) but files sharing between these two was full gigabits (they both had nvme storage)

    Edit: Also tried new kernel -> Promox 5.3.18-3-pve

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