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  • Why can't OMV coexist with a DE (desktop environment) & monitor when settings are modified?

    Try it. Then you might find out, personally. And can let us know.

    I would assume that it might work OK if you are careful. But perhaps lead to poor performance for both OMV and the DE? And it might cause weird problems. Problems that would not exist if you were to run OMV without a DE.

    I would not be surprised if it became unstable and a support nightmare, especially considering apps that you install in the DE that may be incompatible with things running in OMV.

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  • DEs do things like mount disks and change network settings that seriously conflict with OMV. OMV uses a watchdog that might do weird things with a desktop environment because OMV is meant to be a headless NAS. Over the years, I have run into many people who have weird issues only to find out that something on the desktop environment is breaking something in OMV. Just not worth it. If you have a powerful system that you want to be a desktop environment, run proxmox on the system and put the desktop environment in a separate VM. Then use something cheap like an RPi running a desktop environment to remote into that VM.

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