OMV5 installation Debian Buster failed

  • Hi all,

    i try to install OMV5 to Debian Buster at Proxmox LXC Container but can't get it working.

    Can somebody please help.

    Install error:

    Full log attached.OMV5_failed.txt

  • I'm currently running OMV as "platform" System with 2x 4TB HDD RAID as data storage for Movies, Music, Nextcloud.

    On the same system i'm running motioneye, ioBroker, Nextcloud and some other applications.

    Now i like to move to Proxmox and put everything to a seperate VM and/or LXC.

    After migrate everything to Proxmox the OMV storage should be available to IOS, LINUX and Windows users. HDD needs to be mounted to Enigma2 Satellite Receivers. Storage should be used at Nextcloud Data Disk as well. Plex or KODI will be installed to make music available to streaming devices.

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