Backing up OMV system disk

  • Hi guys , i have divided the disk where OMV is installed in two partitions , one for the system install and the other for the app data.

    i pulled out the ssd and used Macrium Reflect to create a image of the disc. I then used the image created and restored it on a different ssd.

    Installed the newly created ssd and it boots ok without problem. The only problem is when it comes to the containers config folder ....because the new ssd as a different serial number the containers will not find the data config folder. So i corrected the old volume link by replacing the serial number with the new ssd number ...all good....but once deploying the container to save the change it will recreate a completely new config folder over writing the original one and obviously loosing all the original data.

    is there a way to stop doing this ?


  • Sorry to hear that, since I am going to use the same type of config (to backup image the os disk + the docker applications as one)

    Just a question / idea....

    - Where is this serial number mentioned ? in the docker volume definition?

    - Did you do the serial modification when Docker was up and running ? if yes maybe it is possible to do the modification when Docker is down?

    (service docker stop/start)

    again ....just a though


  • hi ,if you look at the "shared folder" section you will see that the drive where the omv and the appdata folder is installed as the disk brand name and two set of numbers...,if you look at your physical ssd or hdd the label as the same is the model number of the disk and the other is the serial. , so you need to take note of those numbers so you can replace the current numbers on the containers volume links with the one of the new disk.

    when i done this probably i should have not redeployed the container,maybe like you said ...stop it ...change the numbers ...start containers.

    i will try later as at moment my server is super busy ....with the corona virus lock-down all the family are streaming from it from multiple me after 3 weeks in lock-down i don't really want upset them by stopping their watching pleasure ..... if you know what i mean :D:D or im going to be lynched .open king 120gb share folder.JPG

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