Dell T30 - HyperV - RAID Decision

  • Hello to all of you in the community,

    I have build some test VMs lately running openmediavault 5.0.5,

    Last weekend my new server, a Dell T30 arrived and I migrated my old HyperV 2012 to an all new HyperV 2016.

    Main reason for the hypervisor OS is running additional systems, mostly Linux based, and have some workspace for OS testing.

    One of the key changes will be the shutdown of on old Windows Server 2008R2.
    Clients are 3 Windows 10 PCs.

    My new T30 System is up and running with currently 8GB RAM ECC, still waiting for the delivery of the additional 8GB to make it 16GB ECC in total.
    CPU ist Xeon 1225v5 with 4 Cores.

    The HyperV-OS is located on a separate SSD with 240GB. For Storage I have two SDDs with 2TB attached to the server.
    The original 1TB Dell enterprise HDD will be sorted out afterwards. Openmediavault 5.3.7 is installed and running in a VM.

    Most config is done, I only need to setup the storage and raise hell.

    Bow I kind of searching for some options.

    1. Would be to make use of the Dell T30 / Intel raid controller and pair the 2 SSDs with 2TB into a RAID1.

    This would leave me with two options
    1.a - Create a VHDX and assign it to the openmediavault VM

    1.b - Use physical disk pass through and give openmediavault exclusive access to the RAID1-volume.

    2. Option 2 would be to ignore the raid controller and use physical disk pass through. So that openmediavault could create a software raid 1 on its on.

    Regardless of the option for filesystem I would use EXT4 as I do nothing about BTRFS and would say that currently RAID1+EXT4 should be the solution this less administrative work.

    Does anyone have some experience or additional options for me?
    Am I missing something?

    Your feedback is requested.



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