recover raid after OS failure, now with info from putty session

  • Hi

    i had my OMV fail and could not access the interface, I suspect a problem with docker as there were error messages in the startup. i could still see the SMB network shares and acces the media folders but no access to OMV itself.

    I have replaced the SSD and done a clean install only on it nothing else. I can see the drives ok in the interface but not the Raid 5 array, if you try to create a new array (i know this will wipe the old, i just wanted to see if it would show the drives were available ) and it showed no available disks, I am hoping there is some way please to get access back to the array as there is a lot of content i hope not to lose?

    any help greatly appreciated


  • techworx - any luck on this? I might be heading down that same path...

    OMV 5.3.9 set up for RAID5 with (3) WD Red 4TB using repurposed Asus P8P67 i5-2500K 16GB

  • no not yet , ive left it off until hopefully someone here can help, if not today ill start digging and if any luck ill post back

    i presume OMV is just standard software linux raid 5

  • techworx

    Changed the title of the thread from “recover raid after OS failure” to “recover raid after OS failure, now with info from putty session”.
  • So under file systems, you don't see your prior RAID listed? I did end up rebuilding my OMV boot disk from scratch, and when I connected up the data drives after the OMV install, the RAID5 array did appear under file systems. I just had to mount it and then go back and set up all the shares and permissions, but I it looks like I won't lose any of the data in the array.

    FWIW, I'm not using docker. My problem that drove me to reinstall was all of a sudden I couldn't boot from my SSD. I futzed with trying to fix grub or whatever could be causing that, but got to the point where I didn't know enough about what I was doing. I also opted to swap out the SSD for a HDD to rule out the SSD was bad/failing.

    OMV 5.3.9 set up for RAID5 with (3) WD Red 4TB using repurposed Asus P8P67 i5-2500K 16GB

  • You both appear two different scenarios, when reinstalling any data drives should be disconnected, once the basics of OMV is configured shutdown, connect the data drives and reboot. The new install should detect the raid signatures on each drive, however it may not rebuild it but using the cli it may show the raid as inactive and requires reassembling.

    The best way to gather that information is to ssh into OMV and post the output of each from here using </> on the post menu, this allows the output to be readable.

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

  • Hi Geaves

    thanks for the response , appreciate it thanks

    OK still have the issue so this is what i have done

    Disconnected all data drives and did a fresh install of OMV

    Nothing shown in RAID section but can see all the drives

    however i am a noob and do quite understand what this means for the commands listed?

    using </> on the post menu,

  • using </> on the post menu,

    Click this menu option in the forum

    You will get a new window within the existing window:

    a window like this one

    copy the output from one command in this window. Repeat for the other commands.

  • techworx you have set used/setup ZFS, different ball game :) to get that restored you'll need to install the ZFS plugin, but before you do that install the proxmox kernel in OMV-Extras and set it as the default kernel and reboot.

    After that I really have very little idea other than once you have done the above you will need to import the pool via the plugin.

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

  • thanks geaves, a friend set it up for me so i thought it was standard raid. ill try that and if I get a solution ill post back in case anyone needs it, thansk again for your help

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