what if i change motherboard, cpu and memory???

  • i'm going to thing about and upgrade to my OMV,

    if i don't change boot and data disk but i change motherboard, memory and cpu.

    what is the best way to manage that kind of change?

    what should i do in order to make it start again properly?

    is it possible?

    thanks in advace

  • As long as the archetecture is the same, you may get away with just adjusting the bios to select boot device.

    Not sure if UEFI boot will cause problems. You may also have to run some grub boot repair from a disaster recovery disk to make sure boot functions correctly.

    But still: Make sure that you have good and verified backups of everything before you try. That will remove most of the drama from the procedure.

    A better solution might be to leave the current OMV system as it is. And install the new with new drives. Then copy data from the old system to the new over the network. And then use the old system for backups of the new.

    If you haven't already, this might be a great opportunity to update to OMV5 by a fresh install of the new system.

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