RAID1 not found after updating to OMV 5.3.9-1 (Usul)

  • Hello,

    Tonight I saw there was a new update to OMV (5.3.9-1 (Usul)) and I went ahead and updated it (I was on 5.x.x already before the update). Everything went fine and since I did this just after a new boot, my RAID1 wasn't mounted yet. I went to File Systems menu and noticed the raid file system status is not "Missing".

    If I try to create a new file system I can pick the RAID1 but that will wipe all data on it which I can't afford to do. I also noticed it's now set to be coming from /dev/md127 instead of what it used to be /dev/disk/by-label/RAID1

    Not too sure what to do at this point and any help would be appreciated.

    For more info I also got 2 emails on this from OMV upon restart:

    Here is the output from fdisk -l

    and blkid /dev/md*

    root@NAS:~# blkid /dev/md*
    /dev/md127: UUID="f408fd50-d1eb-41bf-be1d-a75ad820cb23" TYPE="crypto_LUKS"

    If you need to look at anything else please let me know.

    Thank you!

  • So I found my problem :)

    In older version before this update, after a new boot, I'd have to mount the RAID1 file system first and then enter my passcode to decrypt LUKS. With this new one, I have to decrypt it first and then mount it.

    Glad it's working and I have my data again!

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