How to setup Mysql/TFTP/Docker/LibreElec

  • Here is my setup:

    HP desktop, quad core i5-3470 (3.2Ghz), 4G memory (can install more if needed, would like to keep the same or reduce if possible

    OMV5 running from an 8G USB drive - omv-extras plugin installed, flashmemory plugin activated, followed the extra steps to turn off accesstime and swap

    (2) 80 gig drives running in mirror, formatted, shared folder created

    I'm running PFsense 2.5 as my router, handling all netowrk-related tasks (DHCP/DNS, etc) serving up fixed IP addresses to all clients, via DHCP

    Goal - this is a media center utility server, if you will. All my media lives on my other OMV system, running OMV 4. I want to have (2) PCs that boot using PXE, with no physical hard drives or USB drives. Each one will download their OS from this OMV5 system, and boot into LibreElec (not opposed to OpenElec, not sure of one is more feature-rich or more up to date, etc than the other, but on the LibreElec site I saw instructions for PXE boot, using NFS for storage, which is what prompted me to try this.

    I want both LE systems, and any future ones that I may add to this system, to use the shared database feature. I understand that the mySQL plugin is no longer offered, and instead the desire is to have users run Docker instead with containers of their choice to reduce the number of plugin developers have to maintain. Fair enough. I've never worked with Docker, so this will be a learning experience.

    My issue - setting up docker, looks like I have to install it. Default location is /var/lib/docker. That would be on the 8Gig USB drive, which I DON'T think I want, unless it's pretty small, and doesn't write to the drive very often, to increase longevity. What do I need to put in that field to have it on my RAID1 instead? I'll eventually want an easy way to backup the system so I can recreate it if need be. So I'm thinking a subdirectpry for Docker, a subdirectory for MySQL data, and a subdirectory for the boot images. Or am I overthinking it, and just put everything in the root of the share? if I'm right, and I need to change the directory in that first field of the Docker setup before I install it, WHAT do I need to put there, and if it's the path to the shared folder, (utility1) , HOW do I find out what that path should be?

    Considering that both Pfsense and OMV offer TFTP services, should I run the TFTP from PfSense, or from OMV, since the data will live on OMV?

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