SMB share and Linux directory are not the same file contents

  • Oh my god I have no idea what happened... so I have been working on integrating more server side apps instead of using a seedbox. I have really just been using my OMV box to store files off of my Windows computers and never really worked on it until today.

    So I have a share, /sharedfolders/Software. This is also a smb share called \\homeserver\software. I have a whole bunch of folders inside of this on the "PC side" of the share. The "Linux side" has ZERO files. I made a directory in a shell on the server and it doesn't show up anywhere. /sharedfolders/Software/zz is a thing on the server but doesn't show up on the PC side.\\homeserver\software\books exists on the PC but not on /sharedfolders/Software/Books. A folder like /sharedfolders/Movies has some similar folders but is still very different in contents.

    I can see the directory structure if I go to the management page and try to edit the ACL settings the whole directory structure shows up. It is insane, like I have two completely separate volumes.

    Any ideas? I'm on omv5, everything is current.

    Edit: ok, big dummy time here - my mount point is actually /srv/dev-disk-by-label-LilRaidy and all my stuff is there. Now I need to figure out why /sharedfolders aren't "connected" any longer, I guess I had made symlinks at some point and now they are just folders.

  • more info: Sharedfolder

  • By default OMV5 does not use /sharedfolders anymore.

    I think I had created a link to that folder when I had first installed, then forgot about it and the link broke. I was going insane when the server itself was showing partial contents of a volume and completely different on another computer going to the "same" share.

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