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  • Hello,

    I am using OMV 5.3.9-1 on a Nanopi M4 with 2x 4TB Seageate Ironwolf HDD.

    Currently, I am using a folder on one of my HDD to save my docker configs (Plex, Home Assistant, etc), but the problem is,

    that the harddrive go into spin down and after some minutes he goes back to normal. The reason is that the services writing the logs on the harddrive.

    So is this smart to save this on the harddrive or it is better to move this to the free space on the SD-Card?


  • You have to decide what is worst:

    A SD card that wear out in weeks or even sooner.

    A harddrive that spins up.

    I would prefer a harddrive that is spinning.

    Try to disable automatic media scans and so on in plex. Then the hdd may not spin up all the time. I was able to do this in emby. Or set it to run only once per day.

    Not sure if you can do something similar with HA. Get a SSD?

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