Clean Installation to previous OMV 3.0.59 physical server

  • Hello all:

    Looking to 'renovate' my previous OMV server with a clean install to latest stable build.

    I am working from home due to current COVID issues so need to do this from the command line if possible.

    1) Remove previous version of OMV 3.0.59 and leave base Debian OS installed for continued access.

    2) Install via Debian package or apt-get latest stable version of OMV.

    3) Will I have to update the base Debian OS before installing latest OMV or will that installation also update system, sources and OS ?

    Any help appreciated for command line installtion - again - As I am working from home I won't have physical access to the system for CD's or a USB stick approach.


  • It is possible to update from OMV3 (Debian 8 ) to OMV4 (Debian 9) and then to OMV5 (Debian 10). However, many issues might occur on the path. So I would not do it without physical access to the server. One of the issues that might happen is, that you lose access to the server due to misconfiguration of the network interface.

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