Timemachine Backup Tuning

  • Hi,

    I have a ODROID-HC2 with OMV5 installed.

    I made a a Share called BACKUPS and activated it to support Timemachine Backups, but the speed seems to be too slow.

    I already followed some topics (at least the official ones) here to improve SMB speed.

    My server and AP are on a 1gbps link, my MBP is connected to it through Wifi AC, current connection speed is about 450Mbps.

    I have 1.36Tb of data to backup, left it backing up for 12 hours or a little more and is backup up 118,10 Gb. Today I copied a bunch of files through SMB to it, it was about 19,38Gb and took about 40 minutes to copy all.

    SO, it seems to be some TM specific config.

    I'd really like to turn my TmeCapsule off and keep only my OMV5.

    I know OMV5 is still Beta, still needs adjustments, but is there another thing I can do to improve the speed of a backup from Time Machine ?

    Thanks a lot !

  • Hi,

    Don’t think this is an OMV issue.

    Time Machine backups are running on Macs as background processes with veeeery low priority.

    So the data rate seems to be low, but this is by intention.

    Asrock J3160-ITX, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 2x3TB Seagate Ironwolf as RAID1, Thermaltake Core1 Cube

  • Thanks, I thought about that, but I also thought it would be a little faster.

    anyway, I just saw that if the backup is stopped is resumes later, so, with much patience, someday it will be completed.

    I'll wait and see if it works and if he next ones will be faster, since they are incremental.

  • There is a tweak for MacOS available.

    You can temporary increase priority of the background processes.

    Open a terminal and type:

    sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0

    Then start your backup (If backup is already running, this has no effect. Then you have to stop the backup and re-start it).

    Note: all other background processes have higher priority, too. So the system might feel a bit slow.

    After backup is finished, you can reset the priorities back to normal again:

    sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=1

    Or you reboot, then it is back to normal, too

  • Could not deal with this last weekend. From last night to today morning, it backed up about 20Gb only.

    Now I made this modification and in a couple hours it already backed up about 30Gb !

    Thank you !!!

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