uPnP on another Network

  • Hi,

    Could somebody explain to me, please...

    I have my OMV5 installed on a NAS server in another network than my devices. Lets say: 10.0.0.x. My devices are on 10.0.1.X

    I like this configuration, I have full control of the access to NAS using my router firewall, it works to access my files, my TV with Kodi plays well my videos with a SAMBA share. But now I tried to play a video with Chromecast (from iPhone) to realize that the subtitles do not work when casting.

    I need the most simple alternative for my wife or son to use it.

    I was considering to install Serviio on OMV, but when I tried to run on Kodi on my TV, the App Kodi just crashed. After digging for some answers, I "think" that's because uPnP works only on the same LAN, can't be routed. Is that right ? How can I watch my videos with subtitles from my device and cast them to chromecast preserving subtitles, with my NAS on a different network ?

    Thanks !

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