Local network don't appear with openvpn

  • Hello, thanks to technodadlife's tutorial on openvpn, I managed to install this one. However, even if I can connect, my local network does not appear.

    I try with my pc and my Phone.

    I'm using omv on virtualbox. And the name of my network card is enp0s3.

    If someone have idea for this trouble.

  • Hi!

    If you are using openvpn-as (docker), you have to login in admin web-interface https://IP:943/admin - User Managment - User permissions, select an account, that has to be connected to local network. Then More settings (icon with a pencil), Access control:

    Use NAT

    Allow Access To these Networks: subnet IP/mask (e.g.

    For sure turn in option 'all server-side private subnets'

    Save settings + update running server.

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