omv crashes after a few houres (often in the night)

  • Hello,

    i use omv 5 on a croshair 6 Hero ryzen 6 1600 32Gb Ram and the harddrives are okey says s.m.a.r.t.

    in the morning at 4 o clock am on the 5th april am my sister told me that the internet is not working (beacuse i have a pihole container) and i saw that the server does not show up on the fritzbox inerface, so i restarted him and after that everything was fine. than today on the 6th april it was the same, server does not show up in the network interface on the fritzbox internet does not work and i cannot get in to the server terminal, the display stays black (you can hear that the server is running and there are no q codes from the mainboard). The problem is that i can't show you logs beacause there are no logs for the time when the server has the problems(logs from the 3rd april and from the 6th at 20:39 when i restarted the server). today on the 6th it happens twice (in the morning and at 20:39). Does anybody has an idear? I uninstalled the most plugins and i will look what happens now. Also i have a nextcloud container a minecraft container a teamspek container and a few webinterfaces for the teamspeak and minecraft container and pihole. minecraft, cockpit(with ssl) and nextcloud(with ssl) are available on the internet.

    =>bevor i used an old xeon l5560 an an asus p6t delux and i moved the harddrives to the new ryzen system

    thanks for your help if anybody knows whats going on (sorry for my bad englisch)

  • Bert105 Bertolt11

    Changed the title of the thread from “omv crashes after a few houres” to “omv crashes after a few houres (often in the night)”.

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