Scheduled jobs - error reading source directory when scheduled but works fine when Run manually in the GUI

  • Hi everyone. First time poster here.

    I've been setting up my OMV NAS to backup to Google Drive using RClone. RClone itself is set up and working but I'm having problems using the OMV scheduler.

    Below is how I set up the schedule.

    If I run the schedule by clicking Run it works fine and everything gets copied to Google Drive. But when I leave it to start when scheduled I get an error message "source not found". See second screenshot below of the error message I get via email notification.

    If I was getting a consistent error for Run and Schedule then I think I could understand but just not sure what I'm doing wrong here for it to only stuff up when scheduled. Hoping someone might be able to shed some light. Thanks heaps guys!

  • I figured out the issue and just thought I'd post the solution in case another noob like me has this issue. I was simply missing the / before srv. Turns out this was not an issue when executing the task manually but for the scheduled execution it caused an error. The scheduled execution must originate from a different directory or something than when doing it manually.

  • Thanks for the post, I totally forgot about this option using rclone...actually I'm running it by docker, but since I needed to install rclone on this machine anyway to make my config.conf (it's the only linux machine) for my headless server, I could run the command this docker it's permanently executed and if there is nothing to clone it's stuck in a restart loop...

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