Flashing image to EMMC from SD-card

  • Hi,

    I've got popcorn hour tranformer (ROCK64) running .... some Android image. I decided to convert it to OMV 5 NAS, so basically I followed this guide and everything worked flawlessly, I was able to flash OMV and login to GUI...with system booting from SD-card.

    Now I want to flash it to eMMC and enjoy the further setup X/ And then I realised there's nothing in that guide about burning to eMMC.

    So, is there any other tutorial or set of commands to do this?

    I've found this topic with nand-sata-install. But I don't want to brick anything so asking in advance!

    Besides, does it really aplly to my case as the hard drive is detached?

    This guide about nand-sata-install seems to describe a different scenario..

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