OMV on Synology DS220J

  • Hello,

    is it possible to install and use OMV on Synology DS220J?

    I think the Hardware is very interesting for homeusers with low requirements and if low power consumption is important.

    Unfortunately I have not found any statements about OMV on DS216, DS218 nor DS220. Basically I think OMV should run on the hardware (Realtek RTD1296 ARMv8), but I have no idea how to put omv into the memory.

    I would be very glad if someone could post his experience with that hardware.

  • If you can get Debian on it, then you can most likely run OMV. A quick search and I don't see anyone running Debian on it yet.

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  • Thanks a lot. This information puts me an important step forward.

    I have found some (German) sites where people show how it is possible to run debian on Synology DS via chroot but I have found a quite new posting that it is no longer possible.

    Considering my low experience with Linux and headless systems I had need a plug and play solution. So that means for me that it is not possible.

    So I will build my NAS with a more flexible plattform, maybe Biostar A68N-2100E or -5600E.

  • I migrated away from Synology and built a custom OMV server using PC parts.

    If you want to be plug and play, go for Synology: it's expensive but good.

    In the meantime you can:

    • Learn Docker, which won't run on that Synology: you need a more powerful and expensive NAS with an Intel CPU. You need Docker because if you want to add any application to OMV5 you'll have to use it.
    • Play around with OMV in a VM. You can play there without the fear of breaking anything.
    • Use the forum: most of your questions or issues will probably be addressed with a search, otherwise just ask.

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