Is OMV 5 worth upgrading to? What makes it better and why?

  • Why is OMV 5 the recommended upgrade? If OMV 4.x works for me, should I still upgrade? Are there Security and Vulnerabilities keeping with OMV 4.x? Pros & Cons? IS OMV 5.x worth upgrading to and why?

    Last night I reviewed some information from this forum and watched TDL videos with regards to OMV 5.x upgrade. It seemed cumbersome and lengthy as compared to when I originally set up OMV 3.x. The upgrade to OMV 4.x was painless too. For my basic needs, OMV 4.x works as a NAS, but what would the security or vulnerabilities be if my Nas was Lan only? If I upgrade to OMV 5.x would I lose my already setup share folders and data? Not the biggest deal breaker, and I don't mind redoing some settings in web GUI, It's just that I am a bit lazy and Linux illiterate. Even if OMV 4.x and its underlying Linux distro version is EOL, why should I upgrade? ?(

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  • I can only give you three reasons to upgrade.

    1. If you ever need help with your NAS, it may be a good idea to use some NAS software that others use. That way there are others that can help and answer questions you may have.

    As time goes by, fewer people care about OMV4. Or bother to answer questions.

    Already most posts here are about OMV5. And has been for some time now.

    All computers will fail. It is just a question of when. And if you have time to update/replace before it happens to your OMV4 box. Your OMV4 box WILL break. Sooner or later. What do you do then?

    2. OMV will continue to develop and improve. New features will be added. You will miss all that.

    OMV5 means that SaltStack is used to configure OMV. I suspect that will make OMV5 more stable and easier to improve further. OMV5 may not feel important to you. But how about OMV6 or OMV7?

    3. By upgrading you will be forced to do new things and learn new things. For me that is a good thing. You may feel differently about that. If you don't want to learn new stuff then I suggest you buy a commercial NAS solution. Or get a cloud deal. Or pay someone to fix a NAS for you. The whole point of a DIY NAS solution is that you can learn new stuff and have personal control and grow a little as a person. And perhaps also recycle hardware and save money and a small corner of the world.

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  • If I upgrade to OMV 5.x would I lose my already setup share folders and data?

    The somewhat unofficial update path seems to work quite well. Most likely you will not loose your folders. And you will loose your data only if you do something stupid.

    If you have a clone of your OS, you can go back in case something goes wrong. And you should have backup of your data anyway.

    During the upgrade, plugins that do not exist in OMV5 will be removed.

    RE: OMV 5.0 - finally out! :-)

  • Thanks Adoby and macom. Is there a way to "thumbs up" your answers? I agree with you both. Your opinions matter! Just had to hear it I suppose. Could someone provide the best link/info for a smooth upgrade?

    Never memorize something that you can look up.

    ~ Albert Einstein

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