Impossible to connect to my omv with it ip address

  • I have problem that is bothering me in this last 2 days.

    I can't connect on my omv using it ip address.

    If i try to ping it, all packs are lost.

    If i try connect put the ip address in the browser i get "Conncetion_timed_out".

    But, if i set as DMZ my omv, so indicate to redirect the traffic on it ip address, i can connect to it using the public ip address.
    Also with ssh i can connect to it only using public ip, after setting the local omv ip address as DMZ.
    And this not make sense.

    I don't have strange configuration.
    I have just an opnevpn, but i'm not using now because i'm in the same phisycal network.

    I try to change ip address on omv but seems it doesn't work, if i try to click apply, i get an error.

    Someone have an idea how i can fix it?

    If i not fix this issue, the omv is useless, because all service (cups,plex,smb ecc ecc) work on the omv ip address with different port.. so..

  • Dario

    Added the Label OMV 4.x

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