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  • Hi, i know probably a lot of people are used to it, but I think the Rsync implementation in OMV limiting it for shared folders only is quite unfortunate. I have only 5 shared folders created which contain several gigabytes (in some cases terabytes of data). I even regretted that and hindsight I should have created a single master shared folder containing all the subdirectories such as /Movies. /Music, etc.

    I want to use rsync to regularly backup my docker config folder to a different drive. Now I see no reason for the docker config folder to be shared, but i did that regardless, and set up an rsync job to sync that folder to an existing shared folder /Images, which contains backup images of operating systems. Now I realized that there is no apparent way to create a subfolder in the /Images folder for the docker backups and setting the 'Delete' option will not only delete any obsolete docker config files in the backup (what i was expecting initially) but all my other backups in the /Images folder.

    So guess all I am left to do is to use rsync manually from the command line, as the settings in OMV are pretty much insufficient. I cannot even create a target shared folder because creating a new shared folder within an already existing shared folder is illogical. And creating separate sharedolders for each rsync job is illogical even more.

    So what is the expected use case of the rsync function?

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