auto mount device after luks decryption

  • Hello everybody,

    i miss the function as i know from version 4: When i manually decrypted my luks encrypted device, then omv automatically mounts the corresponding device. At first time i had to save the config, but then on every reboot this worked.

    How can i get this behavior in version 5? I have installed latest version and updates. Here i have to manually decrypt every luks device. This is ok. Then i have to manually mount every device. This is new and not nice. :(

    I have omv on system ssd installed and 6 hdd for data as single device on btrfs with luks enc.

    Please give me some hints...

  • qwertz

    Changed the title of the thread from “auto mount device after luks encryption” to “auto mount device after luks decryption”.

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