Change label of disk during migration

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of merging two of my old and underpowered OMV NAS's into one new more powerful NAS.

    Both systems currently use OMV 4 (mergefs of 4 data disks across each systems using ext4) and the I will setup the new system with OMV 5.

    During this process I would like to rename the drive labels e.g. d1 to d8 (for the eight drives).

    From my research I believe renaming labels can cause some issues especially with mounting and shares.

    Am I able to do it when I move them to the new NAS before I mount the drives and setup the shares again?

    I believe I can use the command

    e2label /dev/sda1 "newdrivename"

    Also do I need to remove the shares from the old NAS and remove mergefs (I wouldnt think so)?

    I am of course wanting to do this so that I can avoid copying all the data off my drives and formatting.

    Many thanks

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