Is Openmediavault right for me.

  • Hi All,

    A week ago i posted something similar over at freenas..

    I understand openmediavault is less picky on hardware, which is good for me as I am on a budget.

    I just need some advice..

    I currently use google drive, my issue with it is if i want to play media, I have to download it. I don't want to store large files on my devices. I find google drive very useful as for work I work all over the place and I use google docs.

    What I want to build is a system that when I'm home I can click on network folder and play my content, I also want to be able to drop a document into a folder and know it will be synced with google drive... (I don't want to use google sync on my device).

    1. I want to mirror/sync my google drive folder structure on a Nas (with the option to deselected certain folder in google drive to mirror). I also want to do this with my wife's google account.

    2. Pull from google photos (and update deleted files)

    3. Anyway to download facebook photos.

    Would you mind pointing me in the right direction on how/if I can do this with open media vault.


  • OMV is great for a small budget. It makes it possible to recycle old computer equipment to use again.

    But OMV is DIY and requires some skill and knowledge to make work. To do what you require YOU need even more skill and knowledge.

    So in some sense you trade money for ability. OMV is cheap, even free. But you need to have skills and knowledge to take advantage of this. If you lack that ability, buy something ready-made that do what you want or hire someone to fix it for you. Some people do computer stuff and programming for a living, not just for fun...

    For some of the stuff you mention there may be ready-made solutions that are possible to run on OMV. OMV is after all just some packages on top of Debian Linux, so anything you can do with Linux is possible to do with OMV.

    However, "possible" does not mean "easy". :whistling:

    So it is not OMV that sets the limit of what is possible, it is YOU.

    OMV provides the basics needed to pretty easily make a NAS work on a LAN.

    Start with that.

    Then add things like dockers, NextCloud, Plex or Emby, VPN and other stuff. And try to make it all work as you want it to work. Look at what others have done and copy the best parts. Write your own scripts and programs to do the rest.

    Take control. Make the computers do what YOU want them to do. The way YOU want to do it. 8)

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

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