Lost - only one SSD shown in disks and none in RAID management

  • Hello guys,

    Sorry to bother you with something that might have been already dealt with but I can't find my precise problem. Let me explain.

    I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4B+ with the RockHat in order to build a small RAID unit with 2 SSD EVO 250 Go (maybe later 4 of them, we'll see).

    Under Gparted, there is no problem, I see my system on the microSD and the two SSDs (sda and sdb).

    I followed the script installation for OMV and after the system has boot up I'm trying to access OMV.

    1- under 'raid management' nothing is there so I tried to create an array.

    2- I can choose from mirroring, stripping or types of RAID but no unit is shown there so, the system tells me to add at least two.

    3- I went to 'disks' only to notice that my sda is not shown, only the sdb.

    From there, I'm lost. Why only sdb is shown? Why can't I at least see sdb under 'raid management'?

    Please help. I'm trying to solve this, reading numerous forums and posts for about 4 weeks :(


  • Sorry, I'm a Linux newbie.

    I did the first part (adding the rule to 60-persistent-storage.rules) but nothing changed :(

    I don't know how to do the second part. How can I create a serial.sh file inside the root folder? I do not have access to this as 'pi' user :(


    You can “fix” this by adding a rule to /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules after the entry for “Fall back usb_id for USB devices”:

    # JMicron drive fix
    KERNEL=="sd*", ENV{ID_VENDOR}=="JMicron", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", PROGRAM="/root/serial.sh %k", ENV{ID_SERIAL}="USB-%c", ENV{ID_SERIAL_SHORT}="%c"

    You will also need to create /root/serial.sh containing the following:

    /sbin/hdparm -I /dev/$1 | grep 'Serial Number' | awk '{print $3}'

    This will ensure that unique paths are created based on the serial number of the actual drives and not the enclosures.

  • I think I managed to create serial.sh and chmod it.

    But OMV still only sees sdb (no sda) and still don't want to show me any disks under the 'raid management' tab :(

  • I may have the solution: seems that part of my problem came from the power supply. I had the little thunder in the upper right corner. Will try with another one.

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