[HOWTO] install PIHOLE on OMV using portainer WEBGUI on a MacVlan

  • Ok, this is my pihole for forum.txt file, that you need to copy and edit acording your needs:

    note that yaml file is a bit especial, pleae DO NOT USE TAB, use only SPACES on IT or do not work.

    and Thanks to tonylawrence for your reference post

    Please read about macvlan on dockers; is like if you create a virtual NIC

    Now you need to create a stack like others in you install:



    once you deploy the stack, you can find the recently created docker.

    Portainer - Google Chrome 2020-04-27 18.46.46_autoscaled.jpg

    Notice That I need to add enviroments variables "TZ" & IPv6 into webGUI and not in the pihole.yaml file, I do not know why , but it works.

    Note: Because is my second attempt to use Portainer and my first attemp to use macvlan, I agree if some power user revise my work and confirm that really works.

    Thanks a lot.

    Pi-hole Admin Console - Google Chrome 2020-04-27 4_autoscaled.jpg

  • raulfg3

    Changed the title of the thread from “[HOWTO] install PIHOLE on OMV5 using portainer WEBGUI on a MacVlan” to “[HOWTO] install PIHOLE on OMV using portainer WEBGUI on a MacVlan”.
  • Update on 2022/09/08:

    I actually use this stack:

    Only need to see this videos to create previosly to deploy a MacVLAN to use on this stack:



    You also need to sustitute $Variables by your desired values, I use a file called variable.env to do it

    a little example:




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