[Tutorial] GreyHole Plugin Guide/Drive Pooling in OMV

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    Carnajo, it's really nice. Say you have a media folder. It will not get full til all the disks are full. Greyhole moves the files to all disks, whichever has most room and balances between them, in the pool and just leaves the symlink in place of the original. You don't have to create new folders on other drives or make symlinks yourself to the newer movies or other media. Greyhole does it all for you.

    I have Greyhole up and running, i added my existing SMB share (one disk, one copy, 200g), so far so good, i can see the share in Windows as a 200g disk. Then i tried to extend my share with a extra 200g disk in the pool, Windows sees a 400g share but when i copy files to the share it copies to the first disk and when i look into the pools tab only that disk is used, the first disk is filling up till full and then nothing. Except for the "disk full" warning in Windows.

    Do i miss something? Cause you can use the whole 400g am i right?

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    Files Balance is not needed, to balance files when adding them to your pool; Greyhole will choose the drive with the most free space (depending on your configuration), and put the new file there.
    So if you added a new empty drive to the pool, it should be used first, if the other drives have less free space.

    Try this: See https://github.com/gboudreau/Greyhole/wiki/GetHelp > Gather system information

    I presumed that tekkbebe ment the "Files Check" setting in the pools tab. I did not do that at first, when I clicked that option in the pools tab everything was working allright.

  • Quote from "tekkbebe"

    I thought you had already done the Files Check. It says to do that in the guide. You are good now.

    No, did not do that... that was the thing i forgot... :oops:

    But you have to click "files check" for every (new) disk?

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    Maybe, I have been just using it in a vm. Pressing Files Check will not hurt anything. So if it does not seem to be working with new disks when you add to the pool press Files Check.

    K, thanks. This is my first Greyhole experience, pretty cool piece of software. Kudos for gboudreau and the plugin builders.

  • I'm running this from VirtualBox hosted on Windows. Haven't found an easy way to copy/paste the contents of the file, so I manually typed it. There might be typos.

  • Shows me what I need. You don't have a share entry. Can you post A screenshot of the samba settings in greyhole?

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    Am I supposed to do something in the SMB/CIFS service, and create Samba shares?

    Yes. This is how Greyhole works; you need regular Samba share(s), and you enable Greyhole on all or some of them, as needed.
    The regular shares you have created in the SMB service page will then appear in the Samba Shares tab of the Greyhole service page, where you will configure the Greyhole-specific options for your shares.
    (I say that without even having seen the Greyhole plugin on OMV; I'm just pretty sure this is how it works.)

  • I'm still lost. Besides being new to both OMV, Samba, and Greyhole, I'm not entirely sure of how all this is supposed to work. I'm a visual and hands-on learner, so I need to see it and play with it to actually understand it.

    I'm presuming OMV+Samba+Greyhole will provide a single network share that will have pooled 1+ physical drives.

    When I go to the OMV network share, I can see the two Samba shares I've created. I was expecting to see only 1 share (the Greyhole pool share).

  • @ snakyjake, please provide a screenshot of your Samba Shares tab:

    Quote from "ryecoaaron"

    I need the Samba Shares tab. Do you have any shares setup on it?

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