WOL weird behaviour

  • OMV5 installed to x86_64

    ive been practicing installs and configs for a few weeks and seem to have sorted all the problems I have had bar one


    This is the problem im encountering

    during the day I do the setup of a cronjob lets say 10h20 shutdown and then set wol to to wake at 10h35

    no problems at all, works every time.

    These are the steps I used

    WOL / Rtcwake button

    choose No - Don't suspend. Sets RTC wakeup time only.

    Select hour 10 select minute 35

    select standby

    this is the interesting bit: when I click standby I get a question confirming I want to enter standby

    I clk yes and thats it.

    No yellow apply bar. Done

    But if the time is set in the next 24hr cycle, ie after the following midnight,after clicking standby and answer yes, the dialogue box says please wait, entering standby mode and never times out.

    If I refresh the page the hours are set however the pc never starts.

    In a nutshell if the time to restart is some time in the following day, nothing works.

    What am I doing wrong?


    What i have tried and will see tonight if it takes , is to set my OMV clock to 1AM, make the settings and then revert the times.

    update tomorrow

  • antcj

    Added the Label OMV 5.x

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