Deleted Network-Interface by accident

  • Hello everyone,

    i would say i am a nooby and i dont now much Linux, to be honest i think this is the silliest thing that someone could do.

    I noticed that the data transfer(via Samba) was very slow(7 MB/s, so looked at the network-interface and it said:"100 Mbit/s". Another interface said 1000 Mbit/s so i thought:"lets add it, select dhcp and delete the other one. Unfortunately no ip address was given, no uplink on the physikal interface and no sign in the network.

    I looked in the Network-Settings via ifconfig and could not see the deleted interface(obviously). The weird thing was, the interface which i selected for the 1000 Mbit/s changed the name everytime i restarted the system.

    I know this is stupid^^, but could someone give me advise how i can acces my Nas again?

    Thankful for any help


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