OMV configuration files (OMV4 to OMV5): What are the important OMV4 configuration files which need to be copied to a newer OMV5 system disk to make that running?

  • I use (indeed more than) two OMV servers, the newest, a fresh system one, has OMV 5.3.9 working, the older has OMV 4.x. [ I used the new system basically to fully install the OMV 5.3.9 system. ]

    Now I want to upgrade the older OMV 4.x system (to OMV 5.3.9) by plugging in and boot the new 5.3.9-OS-disk on the old OMV box.

    * Will this be possible?

    * What are the important configuration files which need to be copied (and may be adapted) form the 4.x to the 5.x disk?

    So to summarize: will upgrade from 4.x to 5.x be possible when using two system disks? Which files are needed to be copied then?

    Your help is very appreciated.


    I studied a lot of available information and found some information that it is currently impossible to programmatically upgrade a running 4.x system to 5.x, for example I found the information that a former script "omv-release-upgrade" has been removed, because it is not applicable to a 4 -> 5 upgrade.

  • There are posts on this forum detailing how it is possible to at least partially upgrade from OMV4 to OMV5, even if that is not officially supported. I have read them and it seems to work pretty good. I am sure you can find these posts just as good as I can.

    1. Make a backup copy/clone of the OMV4 system drive.

    2. Try to updatate OMV4 to OMV5.

    3. If it fails, restore the backup clone.

    4. Try something different.

    I have never tried upgrading a OMV4 system to OMV5. I just reinstall.

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