Any ideas what's going on here? Possible Nginx issue

  • Hi all,

    My OMV seems to randomly hang every so often for no apparent reason, when I access the Web GUI quite often when I select Docker it gives me a Bad Gateway error. Today at 09.41 approx I see on the logs stuff about nginx failing - this was around the time I was trying to open Docker on webgui to check stuff.

    Any idea what's happening and how this can be fixed? I've suffered this sort of problem for quite a while now but it's getting quite frustrating!

    Thank you!

    Full code dump at Pastebin:

  • Update:

    I've performed the following commands in the hope it will fix my issues:

    omv-mkconf nginx
    omv-mkconf php-fpm
    service nginx restart
    service php7.0-fpm restart

    and finally ran 'omv-firstaid' and reconfigured web-gui.

  • I have similar problem from today.:

    i removed lines about email notification.

    openmediavault 5.x

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB RAM + MicroSD 32GB Samsung UHS-I

    FANTEC QB-35US3-6G Usb 3.0 Box Case + 1TB HDD + 2TB HDD + 1TB HDD

  • Yeah I'm still having issues, not sure how to fix it! Thinking about upgrading to OMV 5 but seems like it could be a lot of hassle :( Will need to set aside time to do it!

  • conorlap

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