omv-confdbadm populate?

  • So I'm kinda a noob. I just installed OMV5 using Techno Dad's video; went fine. Then I was following his Docskstarter video.

    After entering: "sudo apt-get install curl git" I see:

    Setting up Salt environment ...

    Processing system modifications ...

    And then it looks like this (I don't know how to post an image)

    Complete the installation

    To complete the installation you need to run the following command:

    omv-confdbadm populate

    But then it doesn't let me type in anything.

    How do run this command?

  • You have to confirm the window with OK and then you can enter this command. Or did I misunderstand something?

    [LibreELEC @ 2x RPi3, CoreELEC @ S12 Octa Core]

    [ NAS OMV 5.xx (Usul) @ NanoPI M4 ]

    [ Nextcloud 18.0.4 @ ODROID C2 ]

    [ Motioneye @ RPi4]

  • So I'm a total dork...

    I didn't realize I needed to hit tab to to select "Ok". I've never seen this in a Terminal window before.

    I appreciate your attempt at helping me.

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