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    I have a problem with version 3 of OMV and the PLUGIN plex.
    When I activate omv extra and the plex service.
    I do not see appear in the plexserver plugin tab.
    I have restarted installation several times and nothing works.

  • I had my nas which worked for several months with a version 3, but without updates, it is undoubtedly for that that I did not have any problem.

    For version 5 with docker, I wanted to try, but my raid 1 was mounted on a version 3 will I have a problem?

    I just tried to launch a version 5 and after having installed by usb omv, there is a problem with the launching, I do not arrive at my root.

    How to do with a raid 1 already mounted?

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    Sorry I'm French and I use the google translator ^^
    I meant to say that I can't start at the point where I can type root and my password.
    It bug before
  • I fixed the problem for the recognition of the raid.

    I was advised for the installation to take out my two hdd in a raid, and not to put them back until omv installed.

    On a version 4 it recognized my raid without problem at startup, I am reassured.

    I understood that the problem with version 3 was that the plugin no longer appears once activated plex in omv extra, when I return to the plugin tab it does not exist.

    So I went to version 4 which allows me to see the plex plugin, I activate it.

    But in service, when I try to activate it by giving it a path (my raid) I have an error.

    I noticed that if I try to go to plexmedia client (the tab present in plexmediaserver) it directs me to a page where it refuses me the connection.

    I tried to go on this same page before connecting my raid (with only my hdd with the installation of omv) and I access the plex page on the net.

    I have the impression that it is the redirect that is causing the problem.

    If I do not connect the raid and I want to give a share folder to plex, with only my hdd or is omv installer it does not allow me to do so.

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