Portainer or not?

  • While waiting for a new HDD to arrive to replace an old failing one, I'd like to have a discussion on what you prefer: using portainer or docker-compose?

    I tried portainer a bit until I saw one of my disks was red in the SMART monitor tab and powered it off. I find it a bit cumbersome. I'm a pretty advanced linux user and I like KISS things. The old docker plugin was pretty good, even if lacking some features. But now I'm inclined to go the docker-compose route because portainer seems overly complicated for what I need.

    So, what's your experience?

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    I use docker-compose but I prefer the command line. You could actually use both by using compose files in the Stacks section of portainer.

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  • Portainer has a nice features, you can put your docker-compose file to create a new stack, and edit them from there too.

    I use it because i have a swarm node and it's easy to manage replications, images and volumes

  • Also, portainer sometimes does weird things if you create containers using the UI, or edit them there. I very much learned from scratch and went from OMV's original plugin to portainer, but I have to say now that I am a bit more comfortable using docker-compose is the way to go.

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