Installing Syncthing on Pi4 with Docker/Portainer

  • I'm migrating my file server from Pi3 to Pi4 and need to install Syncthing.

    I followed these instructions:…vault-with-syncthing.html

    It seemed to go well, and I can see the syncthing container in Portainer but it seems to be in a permanent state of restarting.

    The container log contains multiple instances of this line:

    error during connect: Post http://docker:2375/v1.40/containers/create?name=syncthing: dial tcp: lookup docker on no such host

    Here's the list of images. I'm guessing the Unused flag is a clue?

    Please can someone advise on how I can find the fault? It was so much easier on OMV4! :(


  • OK I found the problem. OMV could ping but couldn't resolve

    I was using a static IP address for OMV (as I have always done in the past). When I reinstalled OMV with a dynamic address it worked.


  • PiWipe

    Added the Label resolved

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