how to replace bad raid card (has been using but doesnt support 3tb drives)

  • i have a server running currently on an athlon 5350 with 32gb (2x16gb) ram and 8 3tb sas drives in software raid 6 connected to an lsi sas3081e-r raid card. it has been crashing frequently and acting strangely. when i built this server i was not aware that the raid card doesnt support drives above 2tb capacity. in the web interface under storage/disks it shows the drives as 2.73tib. under storage/raid management it says the capacity of the raid volume is 16.37tib. it is my understanding that the lsi sas3081e-r doesnt support disks above 2tb because it uses mbr instead of gpt. i thought that in this case the drives would show up as only having 2tb accessible. if i understood what is happening i would just get a new raid card that supports the drives and replace the old one. i am concerned that if i do this the problems ive been having will persist or i will lose some or all of the data on the drives.

    i currently have 4.6tb stored on the server. i noticed that when i access the file system from my computer and check the size of a folder it gives a value much lower than the actual size (one folder than i know has more than 3tb shows up as 1.28tb). strangely when i go into the folder and check the file size of all the subfolders i get a larger but still incorrect number. is this because of the raid card issue or is it something else?

    i would like to know whats going on with the system and what i should do to fix it.

  • I can´t help you with your current problem in detail, but if your problem is related to the RAID card then probably you have to look for the same type of card to save the data of your array.

    As a long term suggestion you should look for a different SAS card which can be flashed to IT mode and which supports disks above 2 Tb and then recreate the RAID from scratch.

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  • could swapping the raid card and seeing if i can mount the drives cause any issues? if i need to swap the raid card anyways it wouldnt be any trouble to test it.

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